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Invision Live Chat dead?

Guest Spider-Man

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It's a blank page.....

I did submit a ticket about this a while back when 2.2 was in RC:

Hi Mark,

Our board has the capability for both, but we don't directly support either form a tech support perspective. Integration is essentially built right into the board, however, for both programs. There will most likely be a timeframe where the chat won't work with 2.2 until the API on both sides is updated, but it's OK to stay at version 2.1.7 for a while after release as that is still a secure version.

Thank you,

Kyle P.

Invision Power Services

Kyle is the only IPS staff member that opens his replies with "Hi Mark," normally I just get "hello" - isn't it odd how we pick up on things like that?
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I can only assume that AddonChat has roughly the same experience as ParaChat. In fact, it used to be the preferred chat solution with the board. Eventually, RaiderSoft and IPS parted ways unfortunately which left us with the (more expensive!) ParaChat solution. If you require evidence that IPS once supported AddonChat as the preferred solution, visit http://www.invisionchat.com/

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