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Guest moondust

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I've been using phpBB for a while, and I've decided to switch to IPB. However, I've had a custom BBCode in phpBB [mirc][/mirc] which is a mIRC scripting syntax highlighter (like php syntax highlighter) but it's custom made.

Adding BBCode to IPB as it seem, isn't this hard but.. I had a mirc.php and mirc.css files etc.. and I had modified bbcode.php in phpBB.

So, anyone aware of how do I import this bbcode from phpBB to IPB?

Help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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this is more of a support topic, but does come up with an interesting feature.

Why not make a "run this php file to parse BBCode"

Basically make a simple bbcode parser class, it will create it, passing on the contents of the bbcode to it, and you program the rest. :D

Hmm... makes coding things like that way easier!

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