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RSS Feeds importing problem

Guest Insideout

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Hello, first of all, thank you to invision services for their great RC releases, but i still find something really important missing, here goes the explanation:

On my site i have around 6/7 import feeds activated, all these feeds are from huge companys, and news wich means qround 300 new posts from feeds import, per day.

I had to disable it because it was flooding the "View New posts" feature as, it only appeared on ther hundreds of feed posts because the feeds import create topics are much more than the real topics, and my members werent able to view what really NEW POSTS, from REAL MEMBERS were made, as the list was flooded with hundreds and hundreds of feeds.

I think there should be an option to disable posts created by the feeds import to not appear on that list, so only posts made by real members would appear. Or Create another link like "View new Feed posts" or something like that.

Please IPS staff, it would be very important. and im sure that are ppl with many feed imports that have the same problem. (View new posts option flooded with hundreds of new topics created by the feeds.

Thanks, John.

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