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Arranging Your Forums

Guest Myke

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I thought I would bring an issue to your attention. My forum has many forums for many musicals. Each musical forum has 3 sub forums. My problem is that I want to arrange them alphabetically (I wish this were an option for that!) and I click rearrange forums, it shows all of the forums AND the subforums. There are so many and it loads them so slowly that it gets a javascript error and it never actually fully loads the page, so we cant arrange the second half of our forums. Is there an easier way to arrange my forums alphabetically? Even if it did work, its still very awkward and time consuming.

What I recommend is a way to "arrange alphabetically" and a simple ajax click and drag rearranging option would be quite nice. For this, I would recommend not displaying every sub forum, or at least an option to "show sub forums".


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