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Quick Edit button revamp?

Guest Gogf

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Too much info kewlceo

Why not simply add another image that links directly to the edit page, and call it full edit. Then, link the normal edit button to the JS showing the quick editor.

That way, for those who want it, it's easy and "one click" for those of you who believe in saving 12 seconds per year by not having to click one extra click.

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+ to John Henry's suggestion--it would simply be better all around if it absolutely must change. The lazy people get their one click, the concerned people don't waste precious bandwidth and server load.


If you get into the business about it being too confusing, I will simply state that it couldn't possibly be worse than the two quote [Okay, quote and reply] buttons right next to each other. :P

Personally? I see it fine as-is. I would not like for it to go through quick-edit for the simple reason that it would take far longer. I don't know about you, but the quickedit takes a good two seconds longer to show up for me than the edit menu. I'll take efficiency over simplicity any day.


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