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My Assistant Auto-refresh

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I use IPB in my company intranet for communication. We are looking for a new method to chat and send emails/messages within company without using internet connections. There is but a problem: Whenever a PM is sent, the receiver doesn't notice right away until he/she click on another link. The way we use it, not every one will refresh the page every minute.

If you have used D21-Shoutbox, you will notice the way they refresh shoutbox every 3-10 secs to update shoutbox.
Is there a way you can make My assistant to refresh every 3-60 secs so it can update new PMs?
This is a interface demo for My Assistant POP UP:

--My assistant--
||Information||New Posts||Search[[ Recent PMs (3 new PMs) ]]

NADA (6 secs ago):
-Yo how are you doing?
===Quick Reply: -----------------------------------[-click to reply-]-----------------------

Lpstck: (6hours ago):
-Ok so what now?
===Quick Reply:------------------------------------[-click to reply-]----------------------

the DUDE (2 days ago):[[[atachment 1]]]---[[[atachment 2]]]---[[[click for more]]]
-Sent you an atachment
===Quick Reply: ---Rightto , I'm reading it------[-click to reply-]----------------------

=====================================Refresh interval: [ 3 ]secs
-------------------------------------------------------------------Refresh type: [iframe]----
-------------------------------------------------------------------# of PM shows: [ 3 ] PMs
-----------------Limit of character per PM:[255], if larger, show links to PMs in INBOX

New PMs only show unread new PMs
the number of new Pms showed can be adjusted
When click to QUICK REPLY, member can reply to the Pms right on popup and without open new window
When click ARCHIVE, a message will be removed from NEW PMS panel, allowing older NEW PMS to show up (if there are more), same goes with PMs that has been QUICK REPLY
A PM has 2 status now: archive/NEW and read/unread

New PM is posted on top of Inbox, sorted by day. could be read or unread PM, if unread NEW PM, it is bold.
Archive PM is posted after New PM, could be read or unread PM, if unread, it is bold
=>> kind of like PINNED THREAD/NORMAL THREADs and read/unread topics
As I said before, only NEW PMs (or NOT ARCHIVE PMS) is shown on My Assistant - New PMs panel

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