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Some Suggestions

Guest Mark

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Some suggestions:

1. Searching for usernames when sending a PM does not use one of those fancy "action complete" message boxes when inserting the name, which it should IMO.

2. If you don't have a signature, and you click "edit signature", then the 'Your current Signature' heading displays with nothing under it. Perhaps it should say "No Information"?

3. 'My Friends' opens in a new window, completly differently to My Assistant, perhaps that should be changed?

4. In Board Settings in UCP, 'Do you wish to get a board notification when you get a new personal message?' should be under the 'Personal Messenger Options' heading.*24. ACP --> Splash page --> Last 5 ACP Log in Attempts --> Click magnifying glass image - the last letter of the password is showed. That could be a bit of a security issue if your password is one letter long, maybe the passy should only display if the log in is unsuccessful?

5. You can add yourself as a friend!?

6. For admins and global mods, the settings tab isn't available for all users in the 'new profile' view - is this intented!?

7. In 'new profile' view --> replies, this shows all posts, not just replies. So sometimes the 'topics' and 'replies' tabs are almost identical.

8. Open your default skin's settings, the option 'Set as default skin?' should be a radio button

9. Shouldn't the 'blacklist/whitelist links' thing be under ban filters?

10. When viewing a PM, clicking on the member's username gives the option 'forward PM', shouldn't that (along with report) be a button next to delete and reply?

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That could be a bit of a security issue if your password is one letter long, maybe the passy should only display if the log in is unsuccessful?

To be honest, if your password is one letter long, you have worse problems to worry about than the ACP displaying it. ;)
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lol, well the fact is that I always thought that there was no way for your password to be viewed, if your password is one letter long, it can be. Even if not, we can still tell the length of their password.

I really think it should only log the password, and should log it in full, on unsuccessful attempts.

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More Suggestions:


As it is, the UCP is quite full, there are lots of options (especially if you're a moderator) and when you start adding in components, you get a ton more, the option bar is longer than the settings page.
Solution? ipbsecurity.com (owned by Luke of IPS) have done this particulary well with a drop-down. IMO, I wouldn't do it as they have, I would keep the colours and design used now, but just colapse the options under each heading until the heading is clicked on.
This is fairly easy to do with a simple HTML edit, but when you add components, they display in the old style.
Perhaps IPS, could customize the UCP to be collapsible and more user-friendly?


I would like the ability to delete / edit some of the BBCodes that already exist. It seems that there are several "pre-installed" custom BBCodes that can be editted, but how about allowing us to edit all of the pre-created BBCodes by treating all BBCodes (bold, etc.) like custom ones. And allow us the ability to add in our own buttons! We could specify which dropdown, upload an image (or leave it blank) and have it display in te fancy new editor!


In the ACP, when you complete an action (particualy editting a skin) that big yellow triagle appears. In my opinion, I think this looks like something has gone wrong, rather than something has been completed successfully. Perhaps you could change this to a tick?

Announcements display the old topic view, so the card button is still there and there is no dropdown wen you click on the username.
IMO, annoucements shouldn't show any information on the user, as generally they are from the whole site staff.
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