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Bug in the signatures

Guest .rafael

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It's normal. In order to include a smiley in your sig, you'd need to use the Link Image button and then paste in the address of the smiley.

All good! :lol:
But I find that then it would not have to appear in the publisher of texts of the signatures emoticons, as did not appear in the IPB 2.1.x I imagined that in IPB 2,2 it was possible to insert emoticons saw bbcode. ;)

Until more! :thumbsup:
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I think the User Control Panel should be totally overhauld. When I go to edit my sign, the new text box is all messed up, the emoticons window is hard to see and the quick text links are all messed up and push out of the box.

I'm sure someone report this bug already so I wont bother. I would be cool to use emoticons in sign using bbcode.

EDIT: nevermind forgot you can turn that side panel off and on. I think a good option is to have it turn off by default for signatures or removed.

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