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ipb 2.2 Site linking

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@atsanier. This was a challenge for myself but possible (at least until we see what 2.2 does - lol) as a small script program can be run that takes all the members from one forum and adds them to another ( or to a third party program that requires memberships... But for us, it only works as member must register on the 'main' forum and then they can go to the 'other forums' and relogin without having to re-register. (we truned off registration on the secondary program that required membership and they all go to the main first...) This way at least they can go from one to the others without loosing their level or membership.

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Heres something I thought of.

Could you use a external MySQL host and when installing the forums skip the database setup part and manually edit the config file for both forums and add the MySQL info in?

Edit: Never mind, I just realized that it wouldn't work because you would need to duplicate some of the tables.

Converge is your best bet, but the method currently used these days is to use the same database for all your forums but a different table prefix, and editing the DB driver to alter the prefix on all calls to the member tables.
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