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Two very useful ideas

Guest Corey!

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Firstly, would be to make it so you can hide subscription packages from members of the forum to buy, yet the people who have purchased it already can continue to use it until it expires. Admins from the acp can 'hide' it from members to see, so they cant purchase it, but admins also can manually give it to people while it is hidden. If a admin decides it should be released, then it can be visible and members can purchase it.

Secondly, having it avalible for admins to enable the use of group image icons while a member is in a secondairy group. For example, the admin is in the admin group, and the members group, he would have a admin group image icon AND a member group image icon. But, it could be made to enable that feature, or disable it, so if its disabled you could make it so if you where in a secondairy group, the group image icon for that group wouldnt show, or enable it and the secondairy group image icon would show.

I would really like to see these in the next make of the forums, esspecially the first one. (Both of these functions are avalible on vBulletin forums.. )

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