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I think it would be good if you could make it so that you dont have to fiddle around with URL address when you have a portal......

It should be just a case of turning it on, and that auto replaces the index....

so we when we have url:-

when we add a portal it still is


so then i dont have to redo the 500 links i got dotted around the didfferent places i have the link.

A good example is this wesite....... http://www.darkl.com/

see no messy url and its a portal

Here is the Customer service talk, that all this request comes from (just in case you didnt understand the above :D)....... names removed

Hi im looking to make my portal my MAIN forum page (1st one people arrive at) and i cant seem to get it working without redircting from another folder or something......

The forum at the minute is:-

www.net-clan.com/forum (without portal)

I want it to be so when you enter


it shows the PORTAL and not the board index...

Also i would like to edit the layout, can you tell me where the layout can be edited..... because when i looked at the index_rename.php it didnt seem to have anything to edit in there do to with layout :/

sorry im a pain :D


The way to get to the portal is by going to


So.. The only other way I could think of to do it without a PHP redirect would be some form of .htaccess redirect..

The index_rename.php file is nothing more than a PHP redirect.. There are no layout settings in it. To change the layout, you would edit the skin template bits for the Portal via ACP->Look and Feel->Edit Template HTML->IPB Portal. Generally, the csite_skeleton_template would be the place to start.


If you have a look at this website please:-


You see how it JUST says the link and not the rubbish on the end like this:-


I just want the portal page like that.... do you know how that is done please

p.s thanks on the info for editing ( i will look at that after i have done this :D typing)


That portal is not the IPB portal. See the "Coded by DarkL_DKing based on IPB Portal (Trial) v2

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Well i have seen some really good ones that can show you all sorts of info like:=
-Your Avatar
-Your Posts
-Top 10 posters
-Top topics
-Current Poll
-NEWS (this is so important for me at minute and i cant get it working, and looking good)

BUT most importantly you didnt have to mess around with dodgy URLs
you just went to www.URL.com/forum
Like normal

I really cant understand why this is so hard and hasnt been done :/

Maybe nooone has mentioned it before...... dont know :D

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