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I am not quite sure is this is all ready in the new copy of IPB but I do not think it is.
Anyways, here is the thing I use the word filter not just for bad words, but also as a spell/grammar check, and to change abbreviations and slang.
ex lol = Laughing out Loud
I made a simple system so members could us they if they wanted to by adding a z first
zlol = Laughing out Loud
However, just lol would stay the same.

I also made a fix for bad grammar
ex. i = I
i am so cool because i am the best! = I am so cool because I am the best!

I use to use filter for spelling as well but I added my own php spell check that dose the job now.

Here is one of my ideas that could work with filters as well, a two way filter the works for translation of the entire site for uses that do not speak the same language. This would not always be on, it would only be on if the user dose not know than default language.

I was thinking about making a language filter for people in other countries so they could talk in there own language and then it would convert into English. In addition, make it so it would translate the entire site into there language as well. This way I can have users that speak two different languages on the same forum. That could talk to each other.

The language idea would need more work, but having other gorups of filters would not be hard to add.

Also, there should be something that stops double post of the same word filter, ex like when you upload a bad word filter it stops double post, but if you add one in yourself then it does not.

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