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Better ban list support!

Guest power2600

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In the ban area of IPB1.3 you can mass add and edit hole lists. But in 2.1x there is no way to mass add a list of ip's emails, or names!!!

There sould be a way to mass add and mass edit in IPB 2.1x

It would also be nice is there was a way to sort through ip's, emails, and names. A-Z 1-# etc... Or take out duplicates.

Have a watch list.
Ex. You add there ip, email and name, it dose not ban them but gives you notice when they try to register. And lets admins keep a close watch on people they think are up to no good.

This is a hot topic as you can see on .invisionize with well over 1,500+ views!

If you have ideas post them up.

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