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Guest John Pozadzides

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I'm in need of a way to generate reports regarding my organization's membership. Here is the overview.

My organization, the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco, now uses IPB for our complete member management system. We take our member's dues payments online, and everything.

I need a way to create reports for our board and chair persons (who have no access to the ACP) regarding the organizations membership. For example:

  • Complete list of members, organized by member group, including all contact information fields.
  • Complete member report showing expiration dates (who is past due, who is about to expire, etc.)
Ideally I could just generate a .csv file or something that I could open in Excel and run reports till my heart's content. Even more ideally, one would be auto-generated and e-mailed to me on a given schedule.

Does anyone know of a mod or anything that will help me accomplish this task? And/or, can you get me started in the right direction as to how to make this happen? It sure would be a nice feature to add to IPB.


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