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Why not?

Guest AHAM

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I used the Invision Power Board since 1.3 as user to 2.1.6 as forum administrator, and I have some suggestions:

1- Why don't you integrate the forum direction in Language files instead of styles or make it like "Document character set" in General Configuration, to make it easier to R-T-L users?

2- Why don't you develop a new system for new Hacks like vb, product and plug-in to reduce the need of editing the PHP files manually?



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Mod authors just don't like using it.

Nor will many use the vb like system either :P

It isn't because of not liking using it. It's because the component system is so limited in what you can do with it. Currently your only capable of modding new pages with the component system, you can't mod exsiting pages like topic and forum view with it.
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