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Guest Exiled

The ACP IP Tools search function returns four categories of IPs: Registering, Validating, Posting, and Voting.

I recently learned that the Validating doesn't mean what I (and presumably others) think it means. It is essentially identical to the Registering, but transient and deleted when validation is completed. (Admins testing this on their own boards should know that Registering displays the display name, while Validating displays the screen name, obscuring the identical entries. this is already slated to be fixed)

While I'm still a little shaky one how ibf_validating is used, I hope it wouldn't be too difficult to permanently record the IP that accesses the validation weblink, as we already record the IP used to fill out the Reg form. This could be reported under the existing category.

Every datum helps when dealing with banned members returning through zero-day (fresh proxy list) zombie proxies (i.e. temporarily infected machines, which are often fixed in days).

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