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RSS Feed Importer - RegEX filter?

Guest digitsix

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I would love to use the RSS import system to generate content for my board, however I do not want every single article in an RSS feed to be posted. I want my feeds to match certain criteria before being posted to eliminate content that is irrelevant to my board.

This can be done very simple by adding 1 column to the table for the rss feeds for the 'regex_string' and then add the input row to the form for that value - which the user could enter the actual regex pattern (so knowledge of it would be required and thats fine with me) and then all you have to do is put in like 1 line of code right before the "post the arcticle" code cheking to see if the article matched the regex pattern...

I dont know why this isnt in there already but it should be! please tell me you agree! :P

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