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Let me start with my Kudos. I love IVPB, Invision Beyond, and the skinning videos on the Wiki basically are the icing on the cake.

Ok, so here is my suggestion - well first the reason behind it. I host my IVPB on a local server, its a timy community, so my cable service provides sufficient upload to make this viable and affordable. However, the board is basically fixed to a single IP (as seen from the rest of the world).

Therefore, I cannot browse / administer my forums directly from my local network. Rather, I have to setup some proxy and use it to then connect to my board. Unfortunately this is unrelaible and slow. It makes maintenance and other simple things painful.

What would be nice would be an option to provide a local (subnet) board address when the users IP is detected to be on the same subnet.

Its a little thing I do when I develop in other technologies / languages.

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