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Bad Behavior

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I've spent a couple days fighting spam on a wiki and a blog and finally came up with using Bad Behavior to stop the dipsticks from bot-spamming.

Then after reading about someone's DDoS recently, I wondered if this would be applicable for IPB.

The basic concept of Bad Behavior is that it's a PHP script to prevent spambots from getting to your site based on their HTTP requests. On top of that, it's designed to stop any malicious software, be it spam, a a search bot or system crackers. And at first blush, I think that may be helpful for some people. The 'generic' version takes away the logging ability, but it's still possibly helpful.

I've hesitated at installing it only since I've directed people who get inadvertantly stung to post in the forums and ... yeah, that would be silly :rolleyes: But it's already caught a handfull of bots on my other sites, so I thought I'd toss it out here for people to check out.

This may be a stupid idea, so all you folks smarter than me feel free to jump in :)

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