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Hi there,

I'm new, so hi to all you guys... :blush:

I've got a problem with my IPB-board 2.0.4. It's hosted by myself, and a link is over here:

If you see the memberlist on the top (link down here),
you see it's incomplete. It should be more like this:
Now, there it's complete, but how can I make it to the normal page?

Many thanks,
Alex Witkamp - The Golden Fighter

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You can only have up to 50 Members visible on the memberlist at a time. You can see links in the bottom left hand corner to take you to the next pages. If you wanted 50 members to be displayed at a time, you can do this by changing the link in your templates (Global Board Header). You can't have more than 50 without a modification I'm afraid.

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