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Hi I got a problem

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Hi I hope this is where the invision power service staff is.
I brought a yearly invision power license costing $69.95 which is about 41 GBP. Then we recieved an invoice for it and paid for. When we checked our bank account we were charged twice the amount with exact same price and item description so now we were charged 80 GBP. And further invoices with different I.Ds were sent to us by e-mail. So now not only have you sent us more invoices, we also been charged twice the amount we were suppose to pay. Okay it might have been our mistake for accidentally chosen a yearly license twice but we checked if we had but no, total invoices was 1 and that costed $69.95 which has been paid for, no other invoices were pending, and yet other invoices with different I.Ds came. Also you charged us 80GBP, so that is a 2 year license and yet the renewal date is one year from now.

And so we ask for 41 GBP approx. back and know what the invoices are

Further info and emails would be sent to the billing assistant. And we'll phone up tomorrow as well for further info.

Thanks you for reading.

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