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I'm planning on upgrading my current forums to either IPB or vB, and so far I'm really impressed by IPB. There's only one thing that's keeping me from going with IPB, and that is it's lack of a plugin system like vB has. Personally I don't mind having to edit the code to initially install the mods, but losing all of my modifications and having to reinstall them everytime I upgrade gets kind of bothersome. So, I was just wondering if there are any plans to include the plugin system in a future release?
It would be an excellent feature and would really save time and work for all the board owners that modify their boards.
Thanks in advance for any replies. :)

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There has been a module system for some time, and v2.1.3 has a component model and greater exposure of IPB core through APIs to allow mods to be developed which don't need manual code edits for 'plug-ins'.

In my opinion, the challenge for InVision now is to educate the modding community in how this all works, so they don't carry on 'hacking' the code.

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