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Render PM Pop-Up later in code (problem with "View Last Post&quot

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When users receive a PM after hitting a "View Last Post" link, the PM pop-up window opens and then the page immediately drops down to the last post... thus making the PM window off-screen.

Can the PM window appear after the page appears at the appropriate post... or perhaps have the PM box 'float' at the center of the page, requiring the user to either read the PM or click the 'X' to close the pop-up box.

Thank you.

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I'd now like to request that you make an option in the ACP:

1) pop up window on receiving a PM
2) display PM message at the top of the board (as was in v1.3 i believe)
3) no PM notifications

While the new pop-up window is 'neat', it is a step backwards in usability. Our "read rate" (those that actually click the message to read upon receiving a pop-up) is less than 50% :(

When displaying at the top of the board (v1.3) the read-thru rate was close to 90%.

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