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ACP Checkboxes

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More please!


You can "Add a moderator to all checked forum(s)" by ticking boxes but you have to remove them one by one which can take forever and a day.

Saved Moderator Logs - Same thing, have to delete one by one.

Saved Admin Logs - Same...

This goes on in a few places, im sure ive missed some.

Anyway, please take this into consideration for a new release because it is currently a complete pain to perform some of the above tasks!

Thanks :D

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Also, while i am discussing (with myself) possible ACP improvements, please can we have restrictions on member signatures.

In my opinion, having to warn users about having too many/too large images or lines in their signatures is completely unnecessary, time consuming and stressfull!.

If users can't break the rules in the first place then there would be no need for rules and regulations etc (and having to chase people).

The moral of this story? Prevention rather than cure. Give us the tools to decide exactly what we allow/disallow on our boards :)

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