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Skinning guide in admin cp

Guest Kman_

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The 2.x series is very tedious to skin for, and for newbies it can indeed by overwhelming. I have made tons of skins for Invisionfree (which runs off of IPB 1.3x), and the 2.x skin is still overwhelming to me, mostly because there are so many areas, and I don't know what each one does. My suggestion is to have something in the admin cp that can help skinners out. There are two ways I have thought of to go about doing this:


1) Have info for each area in the Edit CSS Easy Mode (like in vB, they explain exactly what each area is so you know what it does)


2) Link to something like this in the admin cp: http://www.duggyd.co.uk/css/ipb2_0/index.htm

I'm sure either of these would help a lot. :thumbsup:

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