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Poll results bars

Guest eyedam

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I would like to suggest a bit different length calculation for the poll results bars.

Basically, they are meant only for comparative illustration, so the most important (and, I think, the only significant) point is to see what's the difference between answer choices.

I would suggest the width of the whole bar area to be equated to the answer which has received the most votes (not to 100% as it is now). Thus the bar of the answer with the most votes would fill the whole width of the bar area. And it would be easier to see smaller differences between answer results.

This is especially important if there are quite many answer options and if the poll results bar area is not very wide (on the portal page, for example).

Here's an example, I hope you'll see what I mean:


Usually it's really not important how much there is left to 100% for each answer.


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