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Not yet a subscriber but I think I have a feature that may be a good one. Like Ebay allot of trading and selling goes on boards. Looking for a feedback add in. Where you can leave "Trader Comments" A ranking system that lets you score a transaction and then a few lines of feedback. You could click on a user name and go to his feedback ranking. There you would see his score like 254/254 if all your ranking system was good or bad. Here he would have a 100% good. You could then read the feedback with the score like "Fast, painless trade"

I have a cigar board and trades and sales go on all the time. phpBB has a mod for this but I'm a noob and need things done for me. It would kick ass to have this built in to a system. Even if you can disable it for guys that don't want it. I think its a good "option" to have.

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