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Ban Words per section

Guest William Burdine

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We have a motorcycle forum and in it we have a NON-Moderated section and a Moderated section....as most forum sites are starting to do. My members have requested a feature to turn on and off the banned words filter per forum Parent section.


Main forum
|-Forum moderated (want to use ban word filters on these)
| |-child1 (want filters)
| |-child2 (want filters)
|-Forum unmoderated (don't want ban filters here)
|-child1 (or here)
|-child2 (or here)

Could can this be done in the next intrim release?

admin - socalridersmessageboards.com

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Mmmmmm, I understand your idea..

However, lets say you got a child section, and you want to limit the 'F' word. Alright, I can understand that, however, if that same child clicks a little bit more it will come @ the unmoderated section and still see the 'F' word. So maybe this is just 1 small step and not really helpful without more steps..

Maybe Word Filters by membergroup would be more suitable and handy

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You sort of have the idea...but you missed how permissions work with groups....

I can understand placing childrens groups on a forum and using that feature, but this is an all adult forum dealing with motorcycles.

Moderation makes more sense when you have a moderated and unmoderated section with filters applying to both. Thats the idea. But your suggestion is good too for a all ages board...

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