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Inline notification suggection

Guest Vitaly

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Due to my experience, users often miss notification about new PMs. Yes, forum shows big red box about, but only once.

I think, that it worth to add switch to "show notification until there are any unread message". This should be ON by default for all users, but they could switch it off in profile.

The other sujection is about warnings:

1. I'd like to have an option, with allow to any user see warnings of other accounts. In other case they are surprised, why person don't reply (when punished) and start asking questions, spending moderator time.
2. If user is punished to Read Only, It's good to show this in all his messages. For example "R/O until ...". This text can be red, to attract attention.
3. It's good to make notification, like for PM-s, when user got warning. I know, I can duplicate warning to PM, but it affects lott of moderator time:
- more time to compose additional message
- users start to ask stupid questions via PM instead of reading rules.
This notification must be shown until user visits his warning history.

I think, such improvments will greately increase IPB usability on large sites. Those will help to moderators work more effectively.

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