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Multiple Calendar Event Types

Guest Glitch

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Multiple Calendar Event Types

Version: IPB 2.0.x

Description of the suggestion:
When adding a calendar event their should be an extra dropdown-list or radio button with options that can be set from ACP. These options add a prefix to the event that is being added (for instance appointment: or meeting:). When viewing the global calendar there should be a selection list with all event types. By selecting one or more events the calendar will only show the events with the selected event types.

The modifications (at I think this is what should be done):

Create a new table called ibf_calendar_type with the fields:
- ctype_id
- ctype_prefix

Add a new field to table ibf_calendar_events called eventtype (integer field which gets filled with a value from ibf_calendar_type.ctype_id).

I would like to see a new setting in under the group Calendar & Birthdays. This setting should enable you to add entries to the newly created database table ibf_calendar types. This is where you can specifiy your different prefixes, for instance meeting: or party:.

Adding a calendar event:
When adding a new calendar event I want to see an extra pulldownlist or radiobutton selection with all prefixes you have entered in the ACP (these values come from the ibf_calendar_type database table). By selecting one of these values and saving the event the field ibf_calendar_type.ctype_id gets filled with the correct id.

Viewing the global calendar:
When you view the global calendar you see all events with all prefixes infront of them. But here I would like to see a pull-down list with all available prefixes. By selecting one of these prefixes the global calendar reloads but only shows the events with the selected prefix.

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This feature or a variant would also be extremely useful for our forums. Our calendar lists culinary events around the world, and it would be great if our members in Texas could have the option just to view events in Texas. Our set of subdivisions would be geographical. If multiple tags/icons/labels/whatever could be used, that would be even better -- that way we could have geographic tags as well as subject-matter tags, allowing for example "show all Wine events in Texas." This would be a major value-added feature for us.

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Guest eisbaer

but there should be an option to disable this feature...
in our event-community we have several events each day and its only possible to show the first 10 characters of each event otherwise the table design gets broken.....if there would be a prefix like meeting or anything else u wouldnt see anything from the title....

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Some system to apply categories to events in the calendar would be good, plus the ability for users to then filter this.

Say a user only wanted to see EU events, or events of a certain type, he/she could then filter them out or get notifications.

Plus.. what about the ability for users to post events that are only viewable to any groups that they are a member of?

Say they are members of GroupA and GroupB, they should have the ability to post an event that is viewable by either or both groups.

..something that brought the calendar function up to more of the standard of Horde's new calendar system would be great.

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One more vote in favor of this. Our site needs to be able to let people filter on event types: workshops, classes, dances, and far-away events. Without being able to filter by type, there are just too many things going on, and that litters the calendar.


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I agree with many above, excellent thought.

I run a High School Reunion board, I'd like to see the Admin have an option to pick longer periods for an event to show up in the "Forthcoming Calendar Events" section at the bottom of the board. I'm a newbie, so forgive me if you already can. But I've played with start/end dates and the best I can get an event up to show up is a few days ahead of time. It would be great if I could get a late summer Reunion(August) to show up in early summer.(May)

Maybe a field could be added upder Ranged Event that says "Start Display." This would be where you enter what date you want it to start showing up in the "Forthcoming" section at the bottom of the board.

Ranged Event Selection choices:

Start Date: August 1st
End Date: August 2nd
Start Display: May 15

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