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I'd love the option to subscribe to all topics and threads automatically - i.e., to allow a user to simply get an email every time any post is added anywhere. I can see this would be a hassle for large boards, but my boards sees about 1 post ona bad day or 10 on a good one, so this volume of email traffic would be easy. Besides, if they select the digest option, they would just get one large email. I would like to be subscribed to it as admin, the moderator would, and I have at least one member who would like this. Ideally, it could be done on a catagory per catagory basis - I have 5 different topics on my home page, m each with many subforums, so to be able to simlpy select one option where "I want an email every time a post apears in this forum, regardless of whether it is a reply to an existing topic or a new topic, and without having to subscribe to every newtopic that appears when I get the email about".

Naturally, it should be an option that is able to be disabled, in the case of very busy boards, but for mine, with low traffic, this would be so useful!

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