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Send notification to users on moderation

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I think it would be great to have an extra option in the ACP when setting up moderated forums.

Send notification to poster on moderation?
This will automaticly send an email notification to posters telling if their post/topc was approved or not

[Yes] [No]

The email being sent out would look pretty much like topic notifications etc., saying if the post was improved or not.

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Dependent on, or independent of, the "Approve occasional emails from administrators" setting in each users' UCP... or should there be another option there for such notifications?

I don't use moderated forums, but based on the idea of them, this sounds like a good idea.

Is this a better idea? When the user posts in the moderated forum, how about some options there? Such as 1) Notify me when the post is approved, 2) Notify me if the post is either approved or not, or 3) Don't notify me of this topic's approval status. That way, the above question would be irrelevant.

I'd hate to get a "your topic was not approved" email. It might make me dislike the board, depending on the case.

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True! I didn't think of the "Approve occasional emails from administrators" setting.
I like your idea. I think it could be even more simple. Only having the two last options:

  • Notify me after my post has been reviewed by a moderator
  • Don't notify me of this topic's approval status
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Yeah, but like I said, some might not want to be getting "your topic was not approved" emails, whereas being notified that the topic was approved would draw them back to the board to check for replies... hence the usefulness of the first option.

If the board is ad-supported you especially don't want to do anything to discourage the user from coming back to the site, unless of course they're causing trouble.

Compromise: Your idea, but upon checking your first option, an option drops between the two saying "...But only if it's Approved" or "But only if it's [dropbox: Approved/Disapproved]"

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