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Released 06/21/2023

This is a security release and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible.

Key Changes

This is an essential security and maintenance update. Including improvements for our recently released PII & Statistics features.

We recommend not using the visual language editor until you upgrade.

Additional Information


  • Improved the Cookie Consent system based on feedback from our community.
  • Fixed some missing language strings in Member History relating to PII / Account deletion requests.
  • Fixed some issues with the AdminCP notification for PII requests.
  • Fixed an issue where an administrator exporting PII for a member may not contain the members device data.
  • Fixed an issue with links in the PII request emails.
  • Improved the security of the Visual Language Editor.


  • Fixed an issue with content item analytics.

Changes affecting third-party developers and designers

  • _getEssentialCookies() can now return a wildcard at the end of a cookie name where there may be a different ID on each, i.e. ipbforumpass_*

Deprecations and Removal Announcements

Please review our deprecation tracker for upcoming deprecations.

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