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Invision Community 4.1.19

Released 03/14/2017

This is a security release and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible.

Key Changes

This release focuses on bug fixes and performance. You should see speed improvements. New features include:

  • A new moderator setting to restrict users from ignoring moderators.
  • A new group setting to allow members to lock their own content.
  • A new group setting to hide a group from filters in search.
  • When moving content moderators are now prompted for where you want to be redirected after the action.
  • Activity Streams can be created with condensed view as default.
  • An email is now sent when an account is locked for too many bad login attempts.
  • When editing a member in the AdminCP, it will now show how much of their messenger storage quota is being used.

Release Patches

We sometimes release patches for issues that come up frequently between full releases. If you are experiencing any of the issues below on this version you can download and apply the patches using the instructions provided.

An issue has been identified where certain hooks may stop working on 4.1.19. If you are having problems with some third party plugins or applications, upload this file:

If you are encountering problems with services that rely on outbound connections such as Sparkpost, Gravatar, RSS Imports etc please upload the following files:

If you are encountering an issue where the "Recalculating members' content count" background process never finishes, please upload the following file:

If you encounter an issue where not all forums are displayed when attempting to split posts or perform other similar actions, please upload the following file:

Additional Information

This release contains two stored XSS security fixes caused by:

  • Profile cover photos not being properly checked to be valid images
  • Sidebar block titles not being properly escaped (this can only be triggered by moderators who have permission to edit the sidebar)

We would like to thank @newbie LAC for responsibly reporting these issues to us.

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