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  1. nginx gateway timeout. even i try to run it with 5 per user, it gives an error after 500th member.
  2. Is there any way to run it thru ssh? Or is it possible to add a function which it starts where it left after an error? I'm using reset function on a 400K users db.
  3. There's a bug with this addon. It occured after 3.4.6 update. When you get pm's, they look like sender left the conversations, when you add new members from acp, you get a blank page, you dont get notification bubbles for pm's and other actions. I disabled it now i'm good.
  4. How can I make url's in code box clickable?
  5. It doesn't hide content in the code tag.
  6. I have an expired 3.1 license. Can i download it? We never got an update while my subscription was still up. Maybe you can give this update free to your subscribers.
  7. Is there any way that we can transfer thank data to ipb's like data?
  8. In big boards, those updates are really a problem. If you think %99.9 of users are the small forum owners, than this may be the problem. Ajax updates are resource hogs. And yet there's no better recent topics mod other than yours. Without auto-updates, its still the best. I gladly pay for this but for every update, i'll have to contact with you and get an update. Is it ok for you to make this option baseline if I pay? It still makes a query when the page loads. And it's enough to increase my query times to 5 seconds.
  9. Why do you neglect me Adriano Faria :/ Please add a disabling ajax update switch :'(
  10. I tried 90, but it refreshes when the page loads, and it's a massive load. Every select query execution time is > 5 secs. It gives hardons on my i7 12gb ram machine.
  11. Can you integrate thismod into recent topics? And also a setting for disabling ajax updates? It's a super resource hog for big forums. And there's no better recent topics addon than this. Thanks
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