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    LiamH reacted to Nathan Explosion for a file, (NE) Content Warnings (for Forums)   
    This application will allow your users to indicate whether the content of their forum topic/post potentially contains information which others may consider to be offensive, or may elicit a negative emotional response upon reading.
    Administrator functionality to configure forums where the ability to add a warning is available configure groups which are permitted to create new warnings via the front-end functionality configure display of warning indicators in topics/posts configure action to take if a post containing a warning is quoted by a user manage warnings (create/approve/delete/change default 'hide' behaviour) Moderator CP functionality to manage existing warnings monitor content warning usage User account settings to configure whether to hide content if a post is flagged with specific warnings view any warnings which they may have created Content warnings are displayed in topics/posts topic titles on forum index pages topic previews, when hovering cursor over title search results/activity streams Other items: If configured, content is hidden until a click of the warning indicator is performed content which is hidden will not have 'Quote' functionality available until the content has been viewed If "Create new warning" functionality is available for users... notifications are sent to Moderators/Administrators when a user creates a new warning. notifications are sent to users when their warning has been approved by an administrator via the ACP this feature will be modified at a later point to handle approvals by a moderator via the ModCP   See 'Additional information' for support details
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