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  1. No more general OT? Wow.

  2. Mac or Ubuntu?

    I think despite the differences between each you should first answer the question... do you want a car sooner or later? :) Then consider what you plan on doing post-college. If you pay extra now you'll want to make sure to get a machine that will stay within your needs longer. Yet, if you pay less now you'll likely have more money later which you could replace your machine with. Decisions, decisions. If none of that matters to you then, yes... OS X all the way. :)
  3. iOS 4.1 Has Arrived!

    Waiting for the jailbreak to come out before I update. Glad it's here though, my lady has been having quite the time with 4.0 on her 3G. Total garbage.
  4. Why won't Apple get Blu Ray?

    I'm shocked at how many people think physical formats will just go up in smoke. I don't know about the rest of you, but I enjoy actually physically purchasing and owning my movies (even moreso my music; I still buy vinyl). Digital content will never, ever be able to replicate that. Digital content also has absolutely no resale value whatsoever. Would you buy 'second-hand' music or movie files from someone? Doubtful (and not even possible with some digital formats). I can flip my old movies and records for a decent price, meanwhile the money you've spent on the digital version is gone forever.
  5. Office 2011 for Mac

    And the relevance of that 'fun fact' to my comment is...? Microsoft software for the Mac is consistently slow with poor UI elements and questionable usability compared to competitors. I would consider that bloated.
  6. Office 2011 for Mac

    I haven't tried this new version, but Microsoft has a great track record of making faeces applications on the Mac that feel like bloatware. Don't even bother unless you have a need for Enterprise.
  7. Why won't Apple get Blu Ray?

    I think the bottom-line is both Apple and Microsoft will hold out as long as they can before licensing Sony technology for their own devices. It's a pride thing.
  8. Apple's Press Conference

    http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/10/08/15/antennagate_hits_verizons_android_motorola_droid_2.html Will the media lose it's mind again, even when there seems to be a solid number of complaints? Probably not.
  9. iPhone 4 Cases

    I forgot to share a case that should truly be avoided at all costs. The Belkin Grip Vue is easily the worst, most poorly designed case I've ever had for a phone. When applied it makes it extremely difficult to press the volume buttons, you have to use a finger nail to flip the silence switch (might be impossible for people with large hands/chubby fingers) because the case comes so far out, and you can't even plug accessories into the bottom because there isn't enough space around the port. Not only that, but there also isn't enough space around the camera flash which causes light to reflect back into the lens, washing out photos. You can tell they rushed the design and I've lost a lot of faith in Belkin for even selling it. 0/5: avoid at all costs!
  10. A php editor for Mac

    BBEdit. http://www.barebones.com/products/bbedit/index.html It doesn't suck.
  11. Are you on iOS 4? I can't seem to install AndroidLock.
  12. There's a temporary fix you can download through Cydia if you're really concerned. It doesn't fully patch it, but will prompt you before opening any PDFs. If you aren't an idiot and don't visit shady sites you should be fine though.
  13. Weird Browser Issues

    Sounds like a plug-in issue since it's happening across browsers. Might try reinstalling Flash or upgrading (if possible).
  14. iPhone 4 Cases

    And nobody gives a damn about it in this thread.
  15. iTunes question

    Ahh, I see. Well, I'm glad I don't shop there then. :)