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Downloads posted by Miss_B

  1. $18.00

    [M.A.D] Multiple Accounts Detector

    This app scans the database to detect members who have rmultiple accounts at your forum, and it will list the results.
    The detection method is being done in 4 ways.
    1) Registration Method
    This method is based on scanning the members table for members who have registered more than one account at your forum from the same ip. The ip address in question will be displayed with the latest multiple account. When the ip address is clicked upon, it will display all the other aliases of that member.
    2) Posting Method
    This method is based on scanning the posts table for members who have posted from more than one account at your forum from the same ip. The ip address in question will be displayed with the latest multiple account. When the ip address is clicked upon, it will display all the other aliases of that member as well as the posts and topics that they have posted.
    3) Ip Login Method
    This method is based on scanning members known ip addresses, i.e. their last used ips, during the login and if a member has logged in to different accounts from the same ip, the action will be logged and displayed.
    4) Device Detection Method
    This is the most accurate method imo. Ipb adds a unique cookie to members devices when they log in to the forum. The cookie exparation date is set to one year and its unique string is associated with the users device and stored in the device table.  This means if someone logs in to your forum, logs out and then logs in using another account and a different ip address, then it can tell that it was the same person. It means that person has to use same machine, same browser irrespective of the ip address he/she is using. 
    All 4 multiple accounts detection methods have a quick search option where you can search the resuts based on members names.
    Mod CP
    All 4 detection methods will be available at the Mod Cp area as well. This is group permission based. The Ip Login&Device methods can be enabled/disabled individually. You can exclude a member or members from showing up in these logs. This is if you do not want your staff members to have access to those particular logs.
    Automated Multiple Registrations Topics
    Whenever someone registers more than once account using the same ip address, an automated topic will be posted at a forum of your choice listing all the previous accounts of that member.
    Ip Registrations Limit
    And last, but not least, this app adds an option to limit the number of registrations from the same ip and from members last used ip  addresses.

    40 purchases   100 downloads

       (4 reviews)


  2. $14.99

    Poke/Like/Thank This Member

    This app will give your members with the appropriate permissions to poke/like/thank each other. After a member has been poked/liked/thanked, they will receive a notification. 
    Members can see and manage their custom notifications in a new page on the navigation bar. 
    You can set the permissions at the app 's settings page. To prevent abuse, you can set a daily limit of how many members can receive custom notifications aand exclude groups from this limit.
    A list of all custom notifications given by members is logged at the app 's log page. Admins can view them, filter the results based on each notification and search through logs by senders, receivers, notification text and time frame. They can delete each notification individually or all of them in one go.
    Anytime someone deletes a custom notification, the action will be looged in the Moderator Logs page.
    A list of most poked/liked/thanked members can be shown through widgets on your forum.

    5 purchases   10 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  3. $10.00

    Wall of Fame

    This app will show your most active and popular members and topics on a new page linked to the navigation bar.
    The most active/popular members block contains the top posters, most topic starters and most liked members.
    The most active/popular topics block contains most viewed topics, most replied topics and most liked topics.
    At the app 's settings page you can select the groups that you want to view the Wall of Fame page, exclude members from a certain group or groups from appearing as well as exclude forums whose topics you do not want to show in the Wall of Fame page.

    4 purchases   4 downloads

       (1 review)


  4. $11.99

    To Do List/Note to Self

    This app will add a to do list, or note to self if you will, for your forum members to keep on top of their tasks in an effective/flexible way. 
    Permissions to use the To do list can be set from the app ' s setting page in the acp. While adding a to do list/note to self, members can set their priorities, normal or high, can mark their status to in progress or completed and select the number of days that they want to keep them. Lists/notes that will pass the number of duration days will be deleted automatically. Members can also edit their to do lists/notes.
    A list of all members to do tasks/notes, is logged in the Acp. The admin(s) can search for lists added by members, based on their subjects and text and by date range. They can filter the results based on their priorities and status. Admins can mass delete all lists from the admin panel.
    Editing/deleting to do lists/notes will be logged in at the Moderator Logs page.

    5 purchases   12 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  5. $14.99

    Global Ignore / Tachy Goes to Coventry

    This application will help the admins to run their forum in a calm and peaceful manner. Whenever you have a troublesome member at your forum, you can add his/her id on a global ignore list. If you enter more than one member id, you must separate them with commas. All posts and topics of the globally ignored members will be hidden completely from everyone, but the globally ignored members themselves so they do not have any idea of what is going on. Admins can select a certain group or groups that can view the hidden content. 
    Imo this is a great way to deal with your troublesome members. You let them talk to themselves rather than banning them outright.
    The application also adds a new setting in the Moderator Panel where all ignored members are being showed. i.e. who is ignoring whom and what things are they ignoring.

    13 purchases   35 downloads

       (1 review)


  6. $11.99

    Hide Ignored Content Completly

    This plugin will hide completely the contents of the ignored members. i.e. when a member ignores another member and selects the Posts options, the content of the posts and topics of the ignored member(s) will be hidden completely from the forum for that member. The same goes in the Activity Feed page, Search Results and ignored members profiles. Also, the name of the ignored member will not show as the last poster either in the topic listing or forum listing.
    There are no settings for this plugin btw. After you install it, the hidden content of the ignored members will be done automatically.

    4 purchases   5 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  7. $10.00

    Forum Block/Ban

    This app will give your staff members (with the appropriate permissions) to block members from particular forums for either a certain periof of time of permanently.  Banned members then will receive an inline notification informing them of the fact that they have been banned. Notification author is the member that does the banning. You can also have the option to that the author will show as guest, i.e. not recognisable.
    As a precaution, you can protect groups from getting banned from forums. 
    There is also an optional feature, that you can send the reason to the member through a pm when you ban him/her. Banned members will not be able to see the posts from the forums that they have been from, at the Search or Activity pages.
    Banning is done in the front end. To ban a member from a forum, go to the forum in question and you will see a new drop down menu added, called: Ban From Forum. There you can also view and manage banned members for that forum.
    To set the permissions for groups that will be allwed to ban members from forums, go to your Admin Panel->Members->Forum Ban. There you can select the protected groups as well.

    0 purchases   2 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  8. $10.00

    Limit Registrations From Same Ip

    This plugin will allow the admins to limit the number of registrations from the same ip at their forums. Certain ip address(es) can be excluded from the limit.
    Initially this was included in my [M.A.D] Multiple Accounts Detector app, but I decided to release this as a stand alone plugin as well.

    0 purchases   1 download

       (0 reviews)


  9. $10.00

    Most Active Moderators

    This app will add a page to your forum listing your forum 's most active moderators. After installing the app, go to the Menu Manager section of your Admin Panel to display the nav link and select the palce where you want to have it on your navigation bar.
    From the app 's settings page you can select the group(s) that you want to view the most active moderators page.

    2 purchases   9 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  10. $4.99

    Recent Stats

    With this widget you can display a block on forum index that will contain 3 columns with recent registrations, recent posts and recent topics. 
    It works on board index only and not sidebar.

    5 purchases   11 downloads

       (0 reviews)


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