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  1. Listen... This is the most useless and fake app on the market.

    At first I had problems with the file system, which I eventually figured out on my own.
    Instead of helping, the developer advised me to switch to the file system from Amazon S3

    Now there is a problem displaying the verified user icon.




    You see.... By buying applications from the market, I hope to get a working product, and not make it work myself.

    I am very sorry that I wasted time and money on your app.

  2. A regular user will not be able to add his server to monitoring.

    There is no way to specify a server curator, which means that additional pages for servers can only be edited by the admin.

    For what you understand, I am an admin and not a content maker. I don't have that much time to manage this application.

    Good idea, bad implementation.

  3. A great solution that makes it easy to search the community.

    On the site  https://cse.google.ru/ you can set up a special search for your site. Then, without changing the code in your styles, you paste your search id into the settings of this plugin and google search works on your site.

    Why is this necessary:

    • A Google search takes into account errors and typographical errors. For example, I have a user with the nickname Blutsauger (a good friend of mine who has always supported me). If you enter their nickname with a typo in a regular search from a community, for example "Blytsouger", then the standard search will not find anything. If you do the same with a Google search, then Google will tell you, "Maybe you meant "Blutsauger" and then you will be shown the correct results.
    • By using this search you will be motivated to submit new pages to Google's Search Console. After all, this search displays exactly the pages that are in the Google index.
    • On the site cse.google.com you can set up additional ways to promote links. And also make a search in other communities, which will be displayed on your site. An additional opportunity to earn extra money promoting other people's communities.
    • In a Google search, you can search for pictures!
  4. This is a cheap, budget solution for the ability to create additional pages on the engine.

    There is nothing fancy in it, just an editor, the ability to change the page design through full editing, even with a shell. that's all.

    Writing meta tags for each page, and enabling with disabling pages is also present.

  5. In the application settings, when you enter Cyrillic characters and then go through the widget to the Paypal page, all sorts of hieroglyphs are displayed on this page.

    And so everything is good.

  6. Considering that schoolchildren are in a hurry on my site, and because of this, they enter incorrect email addresses, I needed this extension. It somehow works, and thanks for that, but ..


    To check your mail, you first need to click on the "Create an account" button. The plugin does not work in real time. 

    And it would be great to see how this plugin works in the "Join the discussion" section as well. It seems to me that the author simply forgot to implement it.


    But in any case, thanks to the author. The plugin helped me a lot.

  7. So, having figured out the plugin settings, I realized that this is the ideal solution for communities in which there is an incredible amount of media attachments.

    In a sense, this plugin can be used as a Hovercard for a theme. And that's cool. The theme becomes more dynamic when using this plugin.

  8. В общей сложности, у меня осталось 50 не переведенных страниц, но так же надо учитывать что на тех страницах есть еще ключи из дополнительных вещей, которые не включены в этот пакет перевода.

    Но в любом случае, 50 страниц лучше чем 180. Спасибо!

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