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  1. Battlefield 4 - Поджигатель 




  3. Посмотрите мой обзор на фильм Ученик Чародея:


  4. This can already be done using third-party modules.
  5. I will add this date to my calendar, and I will definitely remember it. UPD: I did it.
  6. <?if(member_group_id == 4)?>Content to hide<?endif?> I'm not sure if this is correct or not. It's just what came to mind first.
  7. Another from me about the fact that you are delaying the update...
  8. I took the full robots.txt from this link, at the moment I have moved away from Yandex, and I work with Bing. So here's the line in Robots.txt: Host: https://ip-gamers.net In Bing, Webmaster is marked with a red cross. What's wrong with her?
  9. Better to remain silent than to leave public fake wishes ...

  10. There are no subforums in the clubs.
  11. Yes, yes, yes, another 2 weeks at least.
  12. I don't know what about Google, but Yandex is able to display useful answers from IPS to the main widget.
  13. It seems to me that just working on a mobile application has a much lower priority than other tasks.
  14. Yes, yes, it also pisses me off that some unnecessary pages end up in the search engine. And how to deal with this, I do not know. Yes, I'm a noob, and help would not hurt me.
  15. You understand that with an increase in the subscription period, the subscription price will also increase.
  16. Try using the following plugin: At least I have it installed and everything works well.
  17. I checked the default theme. I checked the Deflection theme The bottom line is that these icons are set manually. You never said that the installation of icons to users is done manually and not automatically.
    Everything works flawlessly! The only request. Make content feed only from friends.
    If only not to anger users with spam... And so everything is fine!
    Listen... This is the most useless and fake app on the market. At first I had problems with the file system, which I eventually figured out on my own. Instead of helping, the developer advised me to switch to the file system from Amazon S3 Now there is a problem displaying the verified user icon. You see.... By buying applications from the market, I hope to get a working product, and not make it work myself. I am very sorry that I wasted time and money on your app.
    Even though I stopped using this plugin, it works great! Thank you!
    Even though I stopped using this plugin, it works great! Thank you!
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