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    andrewbiggs reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Content History   
    Content History will keep a track of the latest content items viewed by members, so they can have access to them faster. Members will be able to view only items accessed by themselves.
    Each content item type will have its own tab. Pages will have one tab per database Each tab will use template from the source content item Moderator actions will be available for those who can moderate the content Admins will be able to view content items viewed by all members in Logs module on ACP Settings:
    System online Display content item icon in tabs Number of log entries per page Log visits from groups Log visitis to: all content item you have installed in your board (topics, images, files, articles, raffles, tutorials, entries, quizzes, etc.) Flood control in minutes: prevent same action from being logged if it occurs again within the set amount of minutes Prune logs: number of days to prune
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    andrewbiggs reacted to TDBF for a file, Website Footer   
    Website Footer
    With this application you can add up to six different content blocks, social media Icons and customize background and foreground colours.
    I'm sorry, but due to the amount of time and work on this application, I have decided charge a small fee. My apologies regarding this.
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    andrewbiggs reacted to Ramzzes for a file, Disable Ads for URLs   
    The plugin disables built-in advertising system on the pages with the specified URL. This may be required, for example, to comply with Google Adsense rules.
    Each URL starts with a new line. You can use the * wildcard character (any characters). For example:
    /calendar/* /register/* /topic/first-topic/* /topic/second-topic/?page=2 Regular expressions that must begin and end with a # character are supported. Example of regular expression for login, registration, and terms pages:
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    andrewbiggs reacted to DawPi for a file, (DP43) Hide Messages Content   
    Normally when user A send private conversation (new or reply in exists) to user B then B receive e-mail with the content of this written message by user A.
    This plugin will hide this content and force user B to login on board and read it directly there.
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    andrewbiggs reacted to bfarber for a file, Ads.txt   
    Ads.txt is an initiative by the advertising industry to help curb counterfeit ad inventory by allowing content owners the ability to specify who is allowed to sell their advertisements. You can read more about it at the official page on IAB Tech Lab.
    You can use this plugin to control the contents of your ads.txt file, even when using our Community In The Cloud services where you would otherwise be unable to upload the appropriate txt file needed. Note that on some hosting environments you may need to first create the ads.txt file using FTP and chmod it to allow the file to be written (e.g. 0777). This is not necessary with our Community In The Cloud offerings.
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