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  1. But how do I pull the colors from the original (the good version that I left the window open on)? Besides using the inspector panel to look at CSS, I'm not sure how its done. To clarify... I have several browser windows open of the theme before the issue. All front end pages, not the back end. If I create a new version of the theme and open the editor of the new version, how do I relate elements on the front end with the editor on the backend? Is there a cheat sheet of some sort that describes what relates to what? In teh editor, it'll say something like "Moderated Light Background" but when viewing the CSS class its almost always something entirely different that would be hard to guess.
  2. Honestly I'm scared to even try. So, I'm still holding out hope but assuming all those variables are stored in the DB and the last backup is out of date. I still have a bunch of browser windows open, but thinking when I view the CSS file, its already loading the borked version. @TAMAN Yes, the more I look, the more it seems to be an IPS issue and nothing to do with your theme. Just coincidence that I also happened to update your theme a bit before it happened. I do have a detailed support ticket open and am waiting now to hear back on it. So discouraging... Literally was fine tuning the last few colors and looks like I just lost a weeks worth of work. Bummed.
  3. So more discovery... When viewing CSS on the borked version almost all the values for hex colors are a hash character (#). Additionally there's other code in there seems to relate to that special character: box-shadow:0 1px 1px htmlspecialchars( '#', ENT_QUOTES | ENT_DISALLOWED, 'UTF-8', FALSE ), 0px 1px 5px htmlspecialchars( '#', ENT_QUOTES | ENT_DISALLOWED, 'UTF-8', FALSE ) inset ; I'm guessing that the last color tweak I did, I must of hit the hash instead of the number "3" and it triggered a flaw of some sort that made me lost all of it. I have a ticket open with IPS support but think I just uncovered a major flaw with their editor.
  4. Just realized that even the mobile version is gone. Not showing the same view as desktop. Wondering if this could somehow be related to the theme upgrade I'd done earlier today?
  5. I have no idea how or why, but I was just updating a color in the 'frontend' protion of the theme editor and suddenly every variable for all fields and all sections became FFFFFF. I'm really hoping I didn't juts lose all my work. I still have many windows open and wondering if I can recover the CSS and overwrite the file so all the variables revert to what they were before this glitch. Any clue what could have caused this? Actually seeing now that even the navigation is on the wrong side like the theme completely reset itself.
  6. Ah, thank you so much! Again, sorry for all the basic questions, just cant seem to find answers when searching the forum and even the help docs don't seem to cover some of this stuff. On it now...
  7. Would love an answer to this myself. Looked everywhere and cant seem to find the setting. Help anyone?
  8. Sorry, I'm still a bit confused... I'd reported a bug to you the other day that I believe you fixed via a theme update. I juts downloaded that update (mdPanel) and was looking to upgrade it. The only code changes I've made was additional CSS added within custom.css and colors tweaks using the "Edit" button within the "Themes" section of the Admin CP. In regards to upgrading my mdPanel, do I have to upload the files I downloaded from you? Thanks and sorry for all the questions.
  9. Sorry can you please explain... Is this a process I initiate? Or is it like WordPress where I just have to see what updates are available in the Admin CP and initiate the ones I want? Or a totally manual process entirely where I have to FTP files and run updater scripts?
  10. Seems like anytime I search, I'm unable to find a topic on the subject in question. This beings said, can you please describe how to upgrade a theme? Just downloaded your update but unclear on how to best upgrade this. Assume since I've done all changes in custom.css and in the theme color options it wont overwrite the stuff I've done? Sorry for the newbie question but still learning this software.
  11. Can you verify seeing it on your own install?
  12. Bug report: Appears that hiding posts isn't functioning properly. Again, do not believe I made CSS changes that affected this, but when hiding a post and viewing in another browser as "guest", I can still see the hidden post.
  13. Awesome, thank you @TAMAN Will look into how I update themes (LOL, still pretty new to IPS), but greatly appreciate the quick response and fix.
  14. Hello, Been changing colors and making small edits to the mdPanel theme (super awesome by the way) and ran into what I think might be a bug. I've made very few CSS edits and no template changes but am seeing the following behavior when I click the "options" moderator / admin drop down in replies. Seems like the dropdown is on a lower layer than some of the other content so it obscures some selections in the dropdown. Please send a private message if you need a link or admin access. Thanks!
  15. Hey, Just a suggestion after talking to IPS support... Since you guys have such a great forum system with the unique addon feature of also being a commerce platform, why not further the integration and provide an additional compelling reason for potential members to register by allowing IPS owners to allow distinct discount code to be embedded in welcome emails? Having a feature to offer XX% coupon code upon registering and confirming an email address is fairly standard for most online shops these days. Having a similar feature for when a person registers on the forum is a no brainer and not available anywhere else. Perhaps modifiers to expend this might be to *reward* new (and old members) by issuing an auto email with distinct coupon code after XX time and/or XX reputation points and/or XX posts, etc. Anyhow, this would be a huge feature as we try attract new registrants and figure many other board owners would really appreciate it. Thanks for hearing me out and keep up the great work.
  16. Thank you @opentype This is on the fringe of my skillset, but would those libraries be updated with new versions of PHP? I am getting some warnings due to running a pretty old version rather than the 7.x recommended, but concerned about messing up our existing forum by upgrading it. Old forum works fine and I have a ways to go to finish theming and then importing 6+ million old comments so didn't want to rock the boat. That said, is the orientation an issue with the old library not having the function or whatever being called on by IPS? Is that how it works?
  17. I tried searching the forum and couldn't find a recent discussion on the subjects, but how do I fix the orientation issue on mobile photo attachments? I understand that on mobile all images are natively in landscape aspect ratio and there is an orientation exif data that lets the camera roll know that the image was taken in portrait aspect ratio, thereby rotating it to appear correctly. Seeing as how all social media platforms can detect what the intended orientation should be, I can only assume a modern, sophisticated forum system like IPS has a solution to this. My goal is to setup our forum so that all images are hosted by us and not linked. Likewise, I'd like to ensure all location data (GPS) is stripped from attachments. I'd especially like photos taken with mobile, to display in the intended aspect ratio. Can someone please explain how this is accomplished with IPS? Thanks in advance.
  18. Got it, thanks... While I'm asking... How would I change the body font with for comments? I like Roboto, but prefer font-weight: 300. Would that be added to the same custom css file?
  19. Hello again... Wondering how to change a custom forum icon so it looks more obvious between read and unread states. Basically I made my icon a red circle and the difference between the icon on read and unread forums is almost imperceptible. Unsure if this is a theme thing or an IPS thing. Thanks!
  20. Hello, was wondering if there's a relatively simple way to make all buttons square instead of border-radius? Can't seem to find it in the CSS. Thanks
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