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  1. ☄️ What's new in the template ☄️ 👉1.0.9 Update introduced at the customer's request @Priyesh The Discord option has been added to the social list.
  2. ☄️ What's new in the template ☄️ 👉1.0.8 Update introduced at the customer's request @Jimmy Gavekort The colors in elements related to commerce have been improved.
  3. ☄️ What's new in the template ☄️ 👉1.0.7 Update introduced at the customer's request @Petrica Added more columns in subforums (4 columns) The option to change the number of columns in the mobile version has been added.
  4. ☄️ What's new in the template ☄️ 👉1.0.6 Update introduced at the customer's request @Priyesh Added 4 options to choose the arrangement of elements on the head (Search engine on the left, Logo in the middle, User panel on the right). Added the option to disable social list in the header. Fixed a bug in the user panel. 👉1.0.5 The ability to change container width has been added. The ability to change Transition time has been added Fix white elements on Two Factor Authentication. The ability to enable gradient and glow in buttons has been added. The ability to change the background of the selected category forums has been added. New tab with calendar colors Sticky color change added
  5. @Alismora Currently planning to develop the template with new options, visual options available to the client. In the future I will definitely make a light version.
  6. This is the support topic for Acme Theme. Ideas about the template are also welcome.
  7. Version 1.1.2


    ☄️Acme Theme ( IPS version 4.6 ) Choosing the font color, the theme has many settings and can be fully customized. It's perfect for all forums, beautifully displaying all site content. Possibility to change header, slider, navigation, popus, forms, comments and much more.. Permanent support - Write me a private message and you will receive the rank of customer on the codebite.dev/ips You can buy a plug-in to remove copyright from the footer. ( private message ) (click) View demo (click) Username: demo Password: demo New Dark Theme ACP (Click for full size) Theme by 💖 CodeBite.dev
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Animation of the notification icon The plugin adds animation to the new notification and after hovering over the icon. Support on the site: https://youtheme.net/topic/156-animation-of-the-notification-icon/ bell.mp4
    Good support, a lot of editing options in the admin panel and a cool appearance of the dark admin panel.
  9. CodeBite


    Version 1.0.2


    Flatum 1.0.2 (4.3 IPS) A dark template for the latest version of IPS 4.3.x, which has a very advanced configuration in the ACP (including a top in the style of fixed, changing the display of the subforum, layout of the header and other visible in the gallery), which allows you to adapt it to every requirement. This theme is fully responsive. click -> Live Demo <- click Test account: Login: demo / password: demo123 ACP Settings You can customize the template as you like. Category ---- Header and More ---- Forms ---- User profile ---- Sidebar ---- Slider ---- Editor colors
  10. CodeBite


    Version 1.0.0


    ARMY (1.0.0) Theme for IPS 4.3.x Dark orange template under the latest version of the IPS 4.3.x a giant gaming. Fully configurable and responsive admin panel. ➡ LIVE DEMO (change theme to ARMY)
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