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    4TECH support topic

    I saw a new bug. When I upload a photo, after I select it from "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." , the picture multiplies. (in the screenshot i tried to upload an icon with ro flag) I zoom in it so you can see the multiplies.
  2. WyNN3r

    4TECH support topic

    Hi man. I still have problem with this theme from mobile. I have this problem since I installed it. Can you help me? And about what we want for future version, i write a post earlier in April, you haven't changed anything. I really love this theme and i don't want to change it, i just bought it.
  3. WyNN3r

    4TECH support topic

    Hello. I have some problems after I installed this theme (btw its a nice work, good job!) 1. When I use mobile and checking user menu, the background over there is white 2. Also when I use mobile app, not to everyone, only a few people, its cutting from the left side of the forum, even when I tried chrome/modzilla/opera 3. This one idk if is from this theme or from IPS upgrade. 4. The Slider Background from the top, if i put an image it doesn't fit on mobile, does not change properly. It's a bug or that plugin is not included on this one? desktop mobile 5. If I want a plugin for color the name of user with acces also as the same color as the grade, how can i do that? example: I hope my questions didn't bother you, I'm waiting for an answer,. Thank you!
  4. After I downloaded ips4.php it gives me this error now. [23-Jan-2020 19:45:00 Europe/Bucharest] PHP Warning: mysqli::__construct(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory in /home/joingame/public_html/forum/ips4.php on line 304 [23-Jan-2020 19:45:00 Europe/Bucharest] PHP Warning: main(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /home/joingame/public_html/forum/ips4.php on line 307 [23-Jan-2020 19:45:00 Europe/Bucharest] PHP Warning: main(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /home/joingame/public_html/forum/ips4.php on line 309 Checking is from the database that it is not a compatible version and those from the host say that the version is ok. The data in the conf_global is written correctly
  5. The error is "You are not running a compatible version of MySQL. You need MySQL 5.5.3 or above (5.6.2 or above recommended). You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for an upgrade." from the host and say they have the "Welcome to the MySQL monitor" version. Commands end with; or \ g. Your MySQL connection id is 3654546 Server version: 5.7.29 MySQL Community Server (GPL) "
  6. I moved the webhost and changed the domain name. Now give me this error. I have deleted the old domain license and now I do not know how to activate the new domain on the new license, because we want to have the same rescue. How do we proceed to save everything we have created on this forum but to remain with the new domain?
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