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  1. Hi, I have a problem with pagination in user profiles (Tabs). I create an application: I'll add a Profile named ProfileClassname.php in Extensions Its contents have not been changed, except for the render function to: /** * Display * * @return string */ public function render() { $table = new \IPS\Helpers\Table\Content('IPS\testpagination\TestPagination', $this->member->url()->setQueryString(array('tab' => 'node_testpagination_Profile'))); $table->rowsTemplate = array(\IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate('profile', 'testpagination', 'front'), 'testpaginationRow'); $table->limit = 2; $table->noModerate = TRUE; return (string) $table; } I have created a testpaginationRow.phtml file with the contents: <ips:template parameters="$table, $headers, $rows" /> {{foreach $rows as $row}} test {{endforeach}} IPS\testpagination\TestPagination class content: <?php namespace IPS\testpagination; /* To prevent PHP errors (extending class does not exist) revealing path */ if (!\defined('\IPS\SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY')) { header((isset($_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL']) ? $_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL'] : 'HTTP/1.0') . ' 403 Forbidden'); exit; } class _TestPagination extends \IPS\Content\Item { /** * @brief Database Table */ public static $databaseTable = 'testpagination_members'; /** * @brief Application */ public static $application = 'testpagination'; /** * @brief Database Prefix */ public static $databasePrefix = 'testpagination_'; /** * @brief Database Column Map */ public static $databaseColumnMap = array( 'date' => 'date' ); } The effect is what I wanted: But when I change the page, nothing happens and console in the browser shows me an error: Ajax request failed (parsererror): SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 Here is test application: test pagination 1.0.0 (1).tar dev.zip
  2. These are not theme errors, but the videos app.
  3. The theme does not affect caching. Are there any errors in the browser console or in the AdminCP logs?
  4. Refresh cache by support in AdminCP. I guess your ad is misplaced.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Converts the current value of hovercard activity to real time along with its last activity.
  6. Some pop-ups have a bigger height then screen.
  7. Version 1.0.0 Beta 1.2


    The application has: Group legend: Group in ipsMenu, Enabling / disabling the search engine after clicking on a group, Custom group formatting, Ability to select more than one group when searching by clicking on a group, Can be included in whosOnline and activeUsers widgets Who Was Online: Custom time range (in hours), Possibility to show users in the widget in the following quantity: limited, unlimited or none, Sorting possible, Showing the highest quantity on a given day, Cached Widget Contact: 2 categories: Administrator and Moderator, Links: PM, Discord (After clicking, the ID is automatically copied), Steam, Facebook, Linkedin Responsibilities (Edit by CKEditor), Highlight Groups: Custom colors for "Highlight replies" (Global), Custom highlighted blocks in profiles, Birthday: Special block in the profile, Special icon in the profile and in the userHovercard.
  8. {template="sharelinks" app="core" group="global" params="$goal"} in goalPage template: Error: Call to undefined method IPS\donate\Goal::webShareData()
  9. In file MemberSync/Donate.php query to database is wrong: \IPS\Db::i()->update( 'donate_member', array( 'donate_member_id' => $member->member_id ), array( 'donate_member_id=?', $member2->member_id ) ); and \IPS\Db::i()->delete( 'donate_member', array( 'donate_member_id=?', $member->member_id ) ); donate_member is not exist. It should be donate_members.
  10. I saw it yesterday. I'm working on this problem.
  11. @Jordan Invision I'm counting on you!
  12. @SUBRTX @GillyMe @rnorth6920 Solution: Edit theme, go to core -> front -> profile -> profile, Copy all content, Click Revert button, Paste the entire document you copied before. Fix will be enable in 4.0.1 version, but I don't know if it will solve the problem for IPS 4.5.
  13. I can't reproduce this error. Please contact me by PM.
  14. When you upgraded IPS to 4.6 then you have to change version in theme.
  15. @GillyMe There is a new option in global theme settings with IPS version selection (Default is IPS 4.6).
  16. Hi, In the IPS 4.6 update user's hovercard information what user do was removed. I propose to restore this option. Currently it looks like this: The word "Online now" appears all the time for 15 minutes after the last user action. In my opinion this is confusing and should be changed. Here is my suggestion: or What do you think about it? In my opinion, this last suggestion makes the most sense.
  17. Version 1.1.4


    (PSD) Graphic Theme - Grzegorz Built-in Font Awesome 5 icons. 🔥 👉 === Demo === 👈 🔥 📷 Screenshots
  18. /** * @brief [Node] Parent ID Database Column */ public static $databaseColumnParent = 'parent_id';
  19. Hi users! The IPS 4.6 update is coming fast and thus also the theme update to version 4.0.0! What would you like to see in the new theme release?
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