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  1. How to i make my site appear in search results
  2. How do i add playerlist footer to the bottom of my page so people can easily see who is online?
  3. I want my program to be connected to my site, so i can easily update it. Is there a way i could my program connected to a server, so that whenever i want i can change that exe on someone's computer?
  4. No one know? Any help would be appreciate
  5. I have played around with every color editor in the Customization>themes>default>edit section. (these: http://prntscr.com/gi0rjh ) but I am unable to make my forum color one solid color, or change it at all for that matter. I cannot find how to edit its colors. http://prntscr.com/gi0r8m the red arrows show what I want to turn grey, and they cyan arrows show what i want the color to be. But I cannot find any option to forum's color.
  6. I essentially have a program that people can sign into. I coded it in c#, but i could easily make it again in c++. I want to make it so people on my forum can download my program, but before they use it, they must sign in using their forum credentials. any good resources on this kinda stuff somewhere? one of you guys wanna give me some information? I would be very grateful.
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