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  1. Hi, A way to integrate the Facebook Conversion Pixel, Google Conversion Pixel or others pixels from other traffic sources, so we can promote our forums and generate leads and signs up. So basically we can optimize our paid advertising campaigns to decrease the Cost Per Forum Customer Acquisition. Thanks.
  2. @daveoh @iDeath You should be using custom.css instead to prevent override changes while IPS upgrades. Refer to @steve00 method here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/427212-forum-icon-help/?do=findComment&comment=2622108
    This is an excellent plugin and works as it says. Excellent support by the developer! NOTE: Besides enabling the 4 default APIs as mentioned in IPS Docs tutorial, you have to enable an additional (i.e. the 5th) API named Google Places API Web Service to allow the plugin to work. Hope so, the developer would include this in plugin description or release the updated version soon.
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