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  1. Purchased, downloaded, and attempted to install today. Experienced the same behavior described in the posts below. Please describe how this was resolved...thanks! EDIT: -Upgraded earlier this week to v4.2.8 1. I am following these steps per the install guide - Open the Admin CP > System > Applications page. On the right is a button "Install". Click that button, then 'Browse...' and find the advancedtagsprefixes.tar file (included with this package). Select the file, then click 'Install'. 2. The install fails with the error in the screenshot above 3. In System>Applications click Check for Updates and the _app_advancedtagsprefixes app displays as installed but disabled 4. Enable the app 5.The Community tab appears as above with the Menu_... options, all of which result in a 2S100/6 The page you requested does not exist error I'm relatively new, so any advice or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
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