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  1. I just wanted to say I have a had few issues as I am largely ignorant on forum management and upgrading. Customer service has been first class and worked with me in professional way that not only solved the problem but I learned from it. For this, I thank them in the public and private. Have a good day!
    Works perfectly and as stated and I could not happier! This installs simply by uploading in the plugin section in admin cp.
  2. Update, Babble is working on a service and with a vps can be set up now if anyone else requires chat. chatbox is a great free one too but is very vanilla compared but good for small stuff. Thanks to all!
  3. Thank you very much. In retrospect, Dspdrew brought up some good points and my site is not a profitable one so no harm done to me really other than some sissy stuff from drama types. Also, while I noted many attempts to log onto chat, it was by 2 people, not a big deal truly for me to be overly concerned with it. I withdraw my comments regarding partial reimbursement since I was not really harmed in a tangible way. I appreciate the response and I have a sent a pm regarding chat direction if possible. Thank you. Cultural Healing and Life!
  4. They did not do well here. I see they charge if you put in a ticket request and you are wrong. This should swing both ways. Life goes on, bad things happen. Turns out we will all live. Painfully I know, but we live! However, and I do believe this is their intention. I will leave their cloud service but like I said earlier, this is due to the chat aspect and not this issue. Regarding this issue, since reliability is seriously questionable and I counted how many times chat prevented connects from "IPS" licensing issue and was extensive. I also look at the down time of video games and I notice that they "when they screw up" they credit or make right a gesture. This is customer respect. I do not feel respected here but so what. I just have a small blip of site, I am nobody. Accountability people. Learn it, this was longer for a few hours and a slight inconvenience. It made me look like a dead beat idiot to our members. You could be correct about the idiot part but not the deadbeat part! Ok, back in to the ether of which I came.
  5. Yes. It affects the chat system too and I kinda suspect they do it to get people to get off chat before next month. I dont know though. I am sure there is more to it but I think we deserve some credit/or partial reimbursement for this continued issue regardless of reason. I use their cloud to limit this issue but thus far is not the quality as they sold it. All that said, I am not really upset overall I like the software but its shine is getting dull. Especially now I will remove from cloud and find a dedicated server and get a chat add on. Then I can yell at them haha. I am doing this due to chat aspect not due to license aspect with going from cloud to dedicated server but I thought their cloud would be the most dependable. Life goes on but I am serious on that reimbursement part.
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