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  1. Thank you for this! I hope this is not having any side effects. Honestly, this is really the worst feature they could have added. We all have threads opened more than one year ago and still active today, or do they think we all have forums with threads active just for a few days ? 🧐 Hopefully this will be fixed in the next release.
  2. Here is how I can easily add/remove columns/rows in a table with a new page edit: While here is what I get with the "quick reply" box at the end of the thread: As you can see, there are now symbols to add/remove columns/rows and if I want to press them I have to scroll all the page to be back at the start of the page and press them without seeing the table. IS there any option to go to the "new page" reply by clicking on "Reply to this topic" ? Thanks!
  3. When you work with tables, is much better to start the table near the start of the page and not at the end, because when you want to add/remove a column/row, you have to use those <x> symbols which are always at the top of the page. Is it possible to add the option that if you click on Post a reply, you will open a new page ? Thanks!
  4. That's really bad. But if you click on "Edit" in your post and you open it in a new tab (right click+open in a new tab or clicking on the link with your scroll wheel), you will have a new tab with the separate edit page. It puzzles me you can have a seperate page when you edit and not when you reply!
  5. Hello, on my forum, as like as in this forum, if you click on "Reply to this topic", the browser will automatically bring you at the end of the page and you can write in that box your reply, while you are still surfing that page of the thread. Is it possible to de-activate this function, so that if an user click on "Reply to this topic", a new reply page will be opened ? I mean the same page you get when you start a new topic or you edit your posts in another browser's tab, so that you have only your reply box in the page and not the whole thread's page as it is now. Thank you!
  6. What do you mean ? This problem was already reported by someone else ?
  7. Sorry for late reply, I have just seen it And I still have the same problem. The plugins installed are: Table, Table Tools and Table Resize. Yes, I have the problem also in the default IPS Theme. And it happens also in this thread if I try to copy-paste a table in the reply box. Could you please help me ? Thanks !
  8. Hello, I would like to suggest a change in the "Go to page" buttons in the Topic Feed Block. Here is a screenshot attached to show you what I mean: As you see, the pages' numbers are in the bottom part of the thread, while I think it should be better to put them on the same line, just in the right part of the thread. I think it was like that until some weeks ago, then probably you have changed with a new version but I think the old system was much better because now the home page is too long to scroll down. I would like to receive your feedback about this suggestion, and could you please confirm me it was on the same line few versions before the latest one ? I hope the pages' numbers will be back on the same line of the threads in the next release because it's really bad to see them one line under. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I would like to report a bug related to the tables and ask you if it's possible to fix it. The Icons to add or delete a row/column (" < x > ") are displayed displaced outside the editor. I have this problem in firefox and with Chrome/IE these icons are not displayed at all. In the screenshot attached you can see that those buttons are in the wrong position and very far from the table. How can I solve this oproblem ? Let me know. Thanks,
  10. Hello, after I have updated to v4.1.9, users have reported a huge bug/problem: when you write the number "0" inside a table, after you save the post the "0" number disappear from the table. You can see an example here: http://totallympics....6/#comment-5066 in the table "Group A Standing" and "Group B Standing". All "0" disappeared from the table, except for those "0" withouth any format. How can I solve this problem ? Thank you in advance.
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